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People are not getting the help they need

Research in to mental health has made great progress, but that has not trickled down to the people who need it.

Police Leadership Styles

The most effective leaders are able quickly and accurately assess a situation and respond with the leadership style best suited for the given circumstance. 

Psychological First Aid (PSA)

This document created by the World Health Organization (WHO) teaches field workers how to provide psychological first aid. An essential read for first responders.

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PTSD: Causes, Risk Factors, Signs & Symptoms

Learn about the causes and risk factors that increase your risk of developing PTSD. This article discusses some of the common signs of symptoms of PTSD in first responders. 

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Virtual reality in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT®) is the most effective treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder, but demand for DBT® far exceeds existing clinical resources.

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Prevent operational stress injuries

First responders and military personnel are at increased risk for exposure to potentially traumatic events. Click the link below to learn how to reduce OSI risk. 

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Moral Injury in Police Work

Moral Injury can compromise an officer’s performance in the line of duty. This article highlights possible causes, cues, and recommendations to recover from moral injury. 

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Compassion Fatigue: When Caring Hurts

Compassion Fatigue is a preoccupation with the suffering of others to the degree that secondary traumatic stress develops in the individual providing aid. 

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Tips for taking care of yourself

Responding to disasters can be both rewarding and challenging work. Stress prevention and management is critical for responders to stay well and to continue to help in the situation.

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5 ways to raise your GABA

  1. Go Yogi - yoga and meditation get you in the zone

  2. Try more fermented foods - you absorb GABA from the gut

  3. Get fit - the other part of the runner's high

  4. Hello herbal - Kava, Valerian, Passionflower

  5. GABA-medic - There are safe, non-addictive ways to increase GABA