Care Connect Services


Medical care

Use this opportunity to connect with medical care. You can book and schedule your appointment with a family doctor or a specialist in mental health.

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Talk therapy

Our network of counsellors, coaches and psychologists can help you address issues that are keeping you from meeting your full potential.

Meditation Hand Gesture


Mindfulness meditation and other interventions that bring the power of the mind to bear on your physical symptoms can be very powerful. 

Serving Patients

Young Doctor


You have been admitted to hospital and a mental health concern has been identified. We will provide your with an in-depth assessment in less than 3 hours and can connect you to community-based care within 24 hours. That way you get the right care, with the right clinician, in the right location, customized for your needs.  


You have a doctor or belong to a clinic. It could be a surgical, psychiatric or weight loss clinic. You want to be screened and assessed and you want to have the report and recommendations sent to your doctor. If you choose to follow your progress, there is no cost to you. It will be paid by your insurance or clinic. 


You might be a student, a dancer or living on the street. We are here for you. These services are essentially direct-to consumer. You might not have a doctor or belong to a clinic, but you can still access our services. You can do any assessment for free or buy a subscription for inspiration  coaching, webinars and to follow your progress.

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