What makes us unique?

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Better assessments

Our proprietary assessment, has been used in more 100,000 encounters, from over 10,000 individual clients, over a span of 20 years. That data has informs an algorithm that generates graphics and dashboards that help clinicians see trends. Trends that help them make better decisions.  

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Better content

When you connect to our family, you can be sure you are getting the most accurate and up-to-date information and webinars that are available. That's what we do.


Integrated Programs

Our program was designed by experts in leadership, mental health and well-being who have worked together for years and have realized that first-responders need a program that integrates all the elements that they requires to meet their full potential, in one place.


Voice-enabled Assistant

We have created a unique voice-activated interface that actually asks you the same questions that we use in our on-line assessments. Sage, like Alexa, can understand what you say and can guide you accordingly. Now that's something completely different.


Powered by AI insights

Automated monitoring allows Epiphany360 to check in with users between visits using asynchronous communication, text, to collect and share data. These check-ins will catch side effects early, before they become adverse events. We also propose to use text as a form of  wellness coaching to increase motivation, nudge patients into better habits.