Who we serve

Our mission is to reach first-responders where ever they are: on the front-lines, in the field, in the office, at home, off-duty or disabled. We are wherever you need us.


Our proprietary assessment, has been used in more 100,000 encounters, from over 10,000 individual clients, over a span of 20 years. That data informs the algorithm that generates dashboards and reports for users, clinicians and administrators.


Educate, support and care for your greatest asset, your front-line workers. Apps like this one are accessible, engaging and the new way of communication with new recruits. Just-in time access to content, webinars and care can make your organization shiny and new.

How we are  unique

There are many players in the workplace health space, but when you look closely, there are few that have the experience and commitment to help those employees who have fallen through the cracks. That's where Epiphany360 is worth a second look.

Built by clinicians

Backed by science

Powered by technology

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