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The Student Solution

Screening and Assessment

Administrators can use screening tools to identify a small problem before it becomes a big problem. By distilling 26 assessments, for 40 different conditions into one we can cover more ground, more accurately, in less time. 

Clinical Support

By collecting the right data, the right way, analyzing and projecting it onto dashboards and reports, we support clinicians' decisions. 

Coaching and Monitoring

By allowing users to "see" their journey between visits, they become more engaged. By offering inspiration, coaching and content we improve outcomes and decrease adverse events.

Connect to Care

We contract with the American College of Lifestyle Physicians, the go-to organization for integrated, person-based care. They have thousands of physicians and counselors who can help you virtually, anywhere, anytime.


Increased productivity

Students whose mental health is optimized get more done, in less time, giving them the time to participate socially and in extra-curricular activities

More engagement

Healthy students make the most of their academic experience. They are more likely to make the friends that will help them later in their careers

Prevent Harm

There is no school that does not have  mental health catastrophes. Many of these are preventable.

Improved Health

Improved mental health means better physical health, less risky behaviors, thus helping kids meet their full potential in life. 

Who we serve?

Browsing Books

High Schools

Students of every age can find themselves overwhelmed by the social-emotional demands of the academic environment.

Student Library

Student Disability Services

The academic health system is reactionary and fragmented. Students with disabilities will find it even more challenging to get help.


Colleges and Universities

First year students with a full course load may be surprised by the executive and organization skills demanded of them and not be able to keep up 

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