Epiphany360 lets you see the evolving health of your entire enterprise

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Thank you for your interest in organizational health.  We believe that 'seeing' the aggregate data of your enterprise gives you a perspective that HR departments would kill for. Knowing your challenges makes it easier to make positive data driven changes.


Epiphany360 uses proprietary technology to document each agency's neuro-biological fingerprint. It is based on years of research and grounded in science. By helping our users visualize the behavioral health of their whole company, it illuminates the path to improved productivity and profitability.


Baseline Measures

See where your enterprise's strengths and weaknesses are, so you know which issues to address.


Target your intervention

Where do we start? What interventions would give us the best value? Who should provide the service? How should we measure the impact? That's what we do. As part of your pilot on-boarding we will do a needs assessment and choose the combination of programs that will make the most impact.


See your progress

Automated monitoring allows Epiphany360 to check in with your employees using weekly texts. These check-ins will allow you to monitor the progress of your interventions and catch little problems before they become big problems.