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Leadership skills

Today's first-responders are knowledge workers, and to move up in rank, they must commit to life long learning. They learn to be the best at their job. But who teaches first-responders to help others be the best at their job?


Resilience is the ability to withstand stretch. It's the ability maintain emotional equilibrium in the face of loss, danger, variability, uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity. How do your measure-up? What can you do to  improve?

Interpersonal Skills

We assume that everyone at this level has more or less the same interpersonal skills. But is that really true? You can learn, practice and master the interpersonal skills that will help you move up the ladder.

Mental Health

No longer taboo, good mental health is now considered essential for success and promotion There are traits, tendencies and vulnerabilities, but there is also a lot you can learn. When counseling, coaching are not enough, you might consider a medical treatment.

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