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We're a digital mental health platform, dedicated to using data to accelerate access to evidence-based innovation in the care of PTSD 


There are more than 100,000 first responders and military personnel who suffer from PTSD. You knew that.

What you probably don't know, is that there are 10 times more people in the general population feeling the same pain, than all the police, soldiers and first-responders put together, 

Care is fragmented
Patients are not monitored
Satisfaction with care is 19%
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There is hope. You are not alone and there is a better way.
But, the answer is more than a wellness app.
The answer is digital access to mental health, Machine Learning, AI and Clinical Care Innovation.

We need an integration of medical and psychological support and we need to augment therapist skills with human-centered technology. 

Oh, and psychedelic assisted care is front and center.

Why would we do it any other way?


The Dawn of AI transformation

The launch of ChatGPT has prompted broad recognition that trained large language models (LLMs) are likely to have wide-ranging impacts across many industries. The evolution of AI into an easy-to-use consumer- focused product with immediately apparent return on investment is compelling and it's use in healthcare needs to be explored. Could technology increase provider productivity and efficiency in ways that could increase access to mental health care. Are the bots poised to revolutionize?

Woodland Path

Welcome to your journey

Our mission is to teach you how to talk to yourself, to get motivated and into the best shape of your life. But there's more. We also want you to learn to love your job, take care of yourself and thrive in your relationships. This will not happen overnight. It's a journey. And your journey starts today.
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